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What A Relief To Write Tasks, Events and Insights On Paper

I wrote this for some friends, and thought it might possibly be useful to others too:

In this pic, you see that every day I write down any TASKS after a dot, like this:

. pic of the book

As soon as it’s done (as in that example), I put a cross through the dot:

X pic of the book

This way, looking back much later, I can see what I’ve achieved (it would be hard to see that if I crossed out the words).

I have, however, crossed out these words:

link to Amazon book

This means that I abandoned that task altogether.

EVENTS get a circle, not a dot, thus:

O Rachel W call

TASKS that I haven’t completed by the day’s end get migrated to the next day (or to a separate page containing months ahead), with an arrowhead/angled bracket sign through the dot:

. sched year ahead courses


> sched year ahead courses

This enables me to see which kinds of task I did slowly/reluctantly.

Finally, INSIGHTS get a dash:

- Daily Mail sells books

Disclaimer: none of this was my idea, but came from a thing called Bullet Journal.

See also, this, about things I use / do in my work, which I wrote for the same people.

I hope it helps!

Posted: February 11, 2021

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