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Because if you're here, I guess that you want to change the world

…but aren't absolutely sure how to pull it off.

You'd like a spot of help.

Somebody to push and challenge you, and help you to find out for yourself the amazing things that are possible if you allow yourself to dream them up, and make a robust plan…?

Good move. You're in the right place

But a teeny tiny warning: if you are looking for the kind of adviser who spent years working in HR, and organisational development…

…with a sober suit, and a long corporate pedigree…

…that's not really me.

I do coach, consult and advise, but I'm a bit unusual.

I'm a performer, artist and writer. One of my books, How To Change The World, is published in 16 languages worldwide.

But there's quite a bit more.

Watch this. It's from a series of public events I did in Northern Ireland. It will put everything else into context:

1 min 1 sec

I enjoyed that. Thanks, Eva. But there's one thing she said that I need to clarify, as you'll see if you keep reading.

More importantly, you should also know this: I worked for 15 years as a writer and senior editor for The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

I went one-to-one with some of the most impressive figures of our time: financiers, heads of state, captains of industry.

Here's one. Recognise him?

You don't get anywhere near people like him unless the editor trusts you. (And you wear a suit.)

I'll tell you some time who the others were…

But you're not here today to find out about him.

You are looking for a solution. To a very specific problem.

It's causing you a lot of worry.

You wouldn't be reading this page otherwise. You'd have bailed out a while ago. Well, unless you just felt like snooping. And that's OK. I do that too.

But I bet there IS something troubling you…

Keeping you awake at night.

And I know how that feels:


I've been there myself.

A few years ago, my contract with The Sunday Times was terminated.


At the time, I thought this was a disaster.

Because for years, the only thing I'd done for money was:

  1. Meet people, talk to them
  2. Write a story about it for someone
  3. Collect my cash

No longer!

Newspapers and magazines have been losing readers for years. Keeping people like me on big fat contracts was becoming a bit of a luxury.

So there I was, apparently without any way of earning an income.

For years, I'd had only one customer.

Now I had NONE.

I could try pitching things to other papers and magazines, but they didn't have much cash either. Much less, probably.

Oh, help.