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The Great Giveaway / 2

…continued [see original email here]

So, a few days after sending out that challenge, I amassed quite a number of replies.

You lot are the best. Gives me a great boost to receive replies like this:

Some were mad keen to get hold of Sarah’s £200 book, How To Be A Craftivist…

…and (in keeping with competition rules) came up with ideas for Sarah to stitch as a motivating sign for me to put up behind my desk.

Something a bit less elaborate than this 1800s Embroidery Sampler, which I saw this week in a country hotel:

Sarah really hasn’t got time to make me something like that!

How to understand what you’re good at

What I want is something something to help me understand what I do best

…because it can be hard to know what that is.

For any of us. That’s why I asked you.

I thought perhaps some kind of slogan, and many were kind enough to come up with suggestions – THANK YOU!

Really, I’m incredibly grateful.

I’ve taken advice here at HQ, and here’s the top 12 (in no particular order):

  1. Refuse to look at the world the way others do
  2. “Be generous to others and be generous to yourself”
    (because you do the first really well and you musn’t forget the second)
  3. Inspire people to be fully great
  4. Make people brave
  5. The problem is thinking that having problems is a problem
  6. Carry on the habit of breaking habits
  7. Beam positivity into life’s negative corners
  8. JP Flintoff being JP Flintoff (perfectly)
  9. With a twinkle in your eye, warmth in your soul, and brain cogs whirring, share and teach with wit and truth.
  10. You are… A HUMAN CATALYST!
  11. Home in on key issues, offer useful insights and help people shift from introspection to action
  12. Master of words and opening doors

If I haven’t included yours, I’m sorry.

I had some problems even receiving replies at first, and it’s possible I didn’t even get it.

Also, if something here looks familiar but different, that’s because I’ve “translated” them, so they aren’t so self-aggrandising.

For instance, one person wrote “JP inspires people to be fully great”, and I’ve gratefully turned that into No. 3, above.

And The Giveaway…?

Many also showed enthusiasm for my promise of a free coaching session for the person who came up with the winning slogan.

Apart from turning novels into film, the main topics people wanted to tackle were (broadly) these:

- construct a story to promote my business
- organise the story I want to tell about myself
- how to grow, in a city that saps my soul
- how to launch my project, and still have time for sleep / my children
- break down the wall that stops me making art
- find the essence of what I have to offer the world
- adjust my personal impact, by relaxing and taking everything less seriously
- work out how to deal with uncertainty in my work
- improve my self-confidence

Coming soon

Well, I’ll be launching my next six-week coaching course very soon. I’ll be covering all these things. Keep your eyes peeled.

Meantime, this is your last chance to send a suggestion…

Hit reply now, by clicking HERE, and tell me:

1. What I should ask Sarah to stitch as a motivational slogan.
bq. 2. What you would want to work on, if you win a coaching session with me.

PS. I mean it, I’d love to hear from you!
I read everything, and reply to as many as I can:

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