JP Flintoff

Take off the mask

By John-Paul Flintoff

“If you are totally out of touch with how you feel, and what you need, it's very easy to just cruise along, being one version of you. But it's kind of exhausting. And after a while you hit 40 or 50 and you feel very lonely, and you think, shit, I haven't really cultivated deep connections with anyone.”

In this conversation about conversation, the coach, performer and author Jamie Catto talks about what it means to be real with each other, instead of always faking, and about the price we pay if we refuse to do that.

He talks about how this affects us at work, and in our private lives too.

It's not a short film, but it's not that long either, and I'm extremely pleased to have been able to make it. I think you will be glad to have watched.

Posted: July 29, 2016

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