On Being Curious


In 2016, while the UK Brexit referendum was going on, I did an interview with Mandy Lehto. I mean, she did an interview with me.

When Mandy published the episode of her podcast, I think I felt a bit shy about sharing it because it felt like saying, “listen to me-me-me”, which is very silly indeed.

I heard it again yesterday (Dec 2020) and I thought it was a good summary of lots of things I care about, so I’m posting it here, with massive thanks to Mandy for inviting me.

If you have looked around at this website much, you may know that I got myself admitted to psychiatric hospital at the start of 2018 – ie, about 18 months after this interview. I was in a really bad way.

This fact seems to cast a bit of a shadow over the end of the interview, in which I talk breezily about asking for help. But hey, I’m only human.

Perhaps Mandy will ask me back on to Moxie Cast to discuss this…? Or maybe I should do a podcast of my own, and invite Mandy. Just thinking out loud, here.

PS: I wish I had mentioned by name the editor who was such an influence, Michael Watts. (Job done!) Here’s a picture of us, reunited after a longish spell:

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