24 March 20 | Daily challenge

Writing challenge

Write a parable

A succinct, didactic story that illustrates one or more instructive lessons, principles or universal truths.

A metaphor, with narrative. A simile with meaning that’s not explicit. (Nor hidden.)

Write your parable to seem “ancient” if you like. Or write about familiar aspects of everyday life (as great parables always have done, see below).

Keep it short! (Don’t sweat. Aim for average.) And post it below, please.

Some examples

Hebrew scholars used parables to shed light on the Torah. This link takes you to one I like called the Rooster Prince.

Jesus, coming from that same tradition, preached with parables. (This link takes you to Jesus’s parable of the Prodigal Son.)

Islam has a wonderful tradition of parables, especially these ones (follow link) about Mullah Nasruddin.

Lockdown | Daily writing challenge #1

Rhetoric, Writing challenge

Write or re-write a sentence so that the first and last words are the same.

Notice what effect this has.

Make a note, if you like, of the Greek rhetorical term for this device: Epanalepsis.

Entertain and encourage others by posting in the comments below.


“Hand held by one with a lantern in her hand” – Seamus Heaney

“Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more” – Henry V, Shakespeare