Once Upon A Yikes…

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Help for perfectionists

Every word in a story has to be followed by another (at least, till the last full stop).

Sometimes only one word could meaningfully follow. At other times, you could choose from thousands. (The average, apparently, is ten.)

Perfectionists find it hard to make a choice, in case it’s not the “right” word, and find themselves blocked.

I’ve created an entertaining one-hour online course for anybody who needs help with that. It’s HERE.

Story Games online

Events, Story power

Once upon a time, there was a coronavirus. It made my bones ache, my brain like sloshing water. It made my breathing a bit wheezy. At night, I had fever.

And then after a couple of days it became boringly like a cold.

Now I’m ready for action – online. What about you?

I’ve been teaching storytelling and performance for ages, in person and online. Why not give it a go?

Find the next session on my Events page.