31 March 20 | Daily challenge

Writing challenge

Most of these daily writing challenges involve experiments with form. Today’s is about altering content, specifically emotional content.

  1. Write a (very short) story about something that has annoyed you.
  2. Then write it again, but make it more than annoying: maddening, infuriating.
  3. Then write it to be surreal, but somehow recognisable.
  4. Finally write it as delightful, lovely.


Annoyed: When I went downstairs this morning I found the kitchen in a state, and felt quite resentful about doing all the tidying up.

Maddened: I couldn’t believe the filth and squalor awaiting me in the kitchen today, and bellowed furiously as I hurled it around, smashing plates on the wall.

Surreal: Lowering my head into the washing up bowl I was surprised to find it full of fish and frogs.

Delightful, lovely: I crept into the kitchen, washed and dried our most beloved cups and plates, and took breakfast in bed to my family.

Your turn!

2 thoughts on “31 March 20 | Daily challenge

  1. All I wanted was a bath! It would have made everything feel better. But it was already occupied. By a spider. I hate spiders and I hated this one in particular.

    All I wanted was a bath for Chrissakes! The spider sitting on the curve of smooth enamel was the last straw. I seized the tooth mug, filled it with water and sluiced the spider towards the drain. It scuttled aside with impunity. I hurled the tooth glass at it. Missed.

    I watched the spider in the bath. It grew bigger as its eyes drew mine. We exchanged relative sizes so that the crooks of its legs towered above me, humming with potential energy. Its eyes whirled coded messages to Mars and the bath turned into a spaceship.

    I overcame my horror at the size of the spider in the bath. I concentrated on the beauty of its symmetry, the perfect points at the of each black leg, the complication of its eyes. How, I wondered, could she organise such multiplicity of limbs to achieve such speed?

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