3 April 20 | Daily challenge

Writing challenge

Write a grovelling apology.

Grovelling can be fun, refreshing, in a world that generally esteems showing off and “looking good”.

Apology is a wonderful example of a status transaction. The apologist lowers him/herself, thus raising the person(s) being apologised to.

But be careful: if you overdo it, the apology becomes insincere and undermines itself, so that the person receiving the apology feels lowered, but not in a fun, refreshing way.


I’m really sorry I didn’t post any writing exercises yesterday, or the day before. And I’m sorry if you are one of the people I promised to get back to with a time for our one-to-one, or a group session. I have found the whole coronavirus business a bit overwhelming and I’m also concerned not to overstep the mark with whatever it is Arvon wants me to do to help get this Arvon At Home malarky off to a whizzy start. I’m incredibly grateful for all your support, and it makes me smile no end when I see your brilliant efforts at these daily challenges. So: sorry for being slightly but not entirely useless, and thank you for your being absolutely the opposite.

Your turn! (Mine was a real apology, but you can make one up if you prefer.)

7 thoughts on “3 April 20 | Daily challenge

  1. I’m sorry you’re sorry, for there really was no need. We are marching in unison to a viral drumbeat, six feet apart waving encouragement and sending what we can to the frontline.

  2. Grovelling apology
    Look, I don’t usually record my thoughts about the dishwasher but this is an exception! I didn’t mean what I said and maybe you’re right. I am a “control freak” as you say. I seem to get like that when you chuck the plates in crooked which happens rather often. Not an excuse but being stuck at home is difficult for both of us. And if I get mad, it’s cos I’m generally fed up, freaking out and can’t get a handle on anything. Not because you’ve been a pain. Very very sorry and it’s your turn to load the washer today.

    1. Thank you Patrick.
      Dishwashers do tend to bring out the inner control freak.
      Thank you for giving yourse an airing…

  3. Grovelling apology

    What can I say? I am so sorry I yelled at you. I know why I yelled and so do you. But that is not the point. I hurt you by yelling far more than the situation warranted. I wish I had not yelled. I wish I had not hurt you. Can I un-yell, un-hurt? If I could I would. Yell back if you want to. But after that, can we start afresh?

  4. Dearest Tomi, I am so very very sorry I didn’t call the vet straightaway you sprained your paw. I’m even sorrier I laughed. (But you have to admit, a cat falling off a pile of paper on the side of the desk and landing smack in the WPB really was pretty funny.) I am so relieved you’re feeling better this morning. But I do want to make it up to you, because you looked so offended. Can I lie down on the floor with you and the catnip mice until you forgive me?

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