Lockdown | Daily writing challenge #1

Rhetoric, Writing challenge

Write or re-write a sentence so that the first and last words are the same.

Notice what effect this has.

Make a note, if you like, of the Greek rhetorical term for this device: Epanalepsis.

Entertain and encourage others by posting in the comments below.


“Hand held by one with a lantern in her hand” – Seamus Heaney

“Once more unto the breach dear friends, once more” – Henry V, Shakespeare

10 thoughts on “Lockdown | Daily writing challenge #1

  1. “Ignorant when I arrived, I listened to all the speakers and returned home ignorant.”

    (This is a line I wrote to illustrate something in my next book. You got the, er, world preview!)

    Please don’t leave me hanging here alone. Either comment on my sentence or (better) post one of your own.

  2. Message everyone to drive the message.

  3. Love my fault and so forgive, for if you cannot, you will fault my love

  4. Did I really write a Chiasmus? I did!

  5. Fear may drive the actions of the willfully ignorant, but because I’m willing to read and learn, I believe my actions will not be driven solely by fear.

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