John-Paul Flintoff

Story mastery 1

Great stories have power to persuade, educate and inspire

They give your audience a direct emotional experience – and enable people to feel the outcome you want for them. You might just want to amuse:

Very good. Very funny… In fact, it made me laugh” – Harold Pinter, writer and Nobel Prize winner

I'm so proud to have made Pinter laugh. But I don't write only to be funny…

One of the most powerful stories I ever wrote was pretty harrowing. It was about a charity, working with deprived children…

It tore me up. After it was published, the charity received more than half a million pounds, some of it from poor people overseas.

And this is the amazing thing: my story didn't end with an explicit call for cash. People just felt moved by it, and they knew what to do.

Any story can move people to action. If you want me to help with yours, sign up here:

Story mastery 2

Public speaking is scary

I understand that. But even when you're nervous, simple storytelling devices will keep people listening…

I help people like you deliver emotionally involving stories for TED-style talks, pitches, and appearances on broadcast media. Interested?

“It's not often we have a paragon on the show…Very funny” – Jane Garvey, BBC Woman's Hour

Reach further, online

Sometimes the people you want to reach are only accessible online. Using film can be incredibly powerful:

Aviva asked me to help devise a film, to encourage young people to plan for their future. Here's how…

Story mastery 3

Wonderful, amazing, funny and warm – and inspiring!– Tom Hodgkinson, founder, The Idler

Even established authors want to learn new storytelling techniques. On residential courses, and elsewhere, I share what I have learned:

1) writing for magazines, where readers’ attention is too easily lost

2) in improvisational theatre, where compelling narrative must be created in real time, and

3) through painstakingly researching, writing and crowd-funding my own fiction, over many years.

“It was truly exceptionally excellent”

“I have overcome seriously debilitating beliefs that I ‘couldn’t write’. I now know I can! The quality will follow”

“The best £750 I’ve ever spent – truly. This will stay with me forever”