John-Paul Flintoff

This is Satnam

Here he is.

A few years ago, Satnam set up a company. 

The main product is an app. Something that will help individuals to manage their own lives. 

Like most entrepreneurs, Satnam’s had his ups ↗️ and downs ↘️. .

(I’m not going to tell you everything, but believe me it’s been really hard at times.)

Recently, he’s been working hard to get an endorsement for his app from a MASSIVE national organisation.

The application process has been long and painful.

And this week the national organisation made a decision.

It DECLINED to back Satnam’s app.


Not enough evidence, they said…

After all that work!

All those hours!

What would his friends say? His family?

He was tempted to give up.

But he didn’t do that. He did something else.

He telephoned to THANK me (!).

(This is not about me. It’s about Satnam.)

He told me that when he got the bad news he caught himself having self-critical thoughts.

It’s a HUGE thing, to catch yourself.

There’s a knack to it…

And he remembered a graph I drew on a wall of my office.

It shows a wobbly line going up, then down, but eventually UP:

He said, “I decided to ignore my inner critic. I thought of that graph, and I thought, this is just a temporary dip.”

Seriously: those were his exact words.

On Thursday, Satnam set to work.

He phoned the national organisation and urged them to look at his App again.

Took a lot of persuasion, but eventually they agreed.

So he dropped the children at his brother’s house.

Dug out all the data he could find. Wrote it up. It took HOURS. But the deadline was tight. 

At 11pm he sent it off, THEN went for dinner with his brother…

…before going home again, tonked.

On Friday evening, they told him the App would be APPROVED after all.

Great news for Satnam, obviously…

…and his brother was massively pleased for him. 

As was the rest of the family.

(Me too, actually. I’m SO impressed.)

Also great news for the hundreds of thousands of people – maybe more – who may one day be able to manage their lives better with the app.

He’s not there yet. There’s LOTS of work still to do. But I thought you might like to hear this.

Special bonus: How To Realise Your Potential

I’m going to give you MORE.

How To Realise You Potential.

It’s a great complement to How To Silence Your Inner Critic.

How To Realise Your Potential is an audio recording I have never shared before, plus quick and easy forms to fill in – one for each day you are working at How To Silence Your Inner Critic.

How To Realise Your Potential will show you how to:

  1. Identify the values that motivate you
  2. List the elements that make a good life
  3. Give you confidence to ask for more and more in life
  4. Create a habit of setting your own course, rather than drifting

With this, AND How To Silence Your Inner Critic, it will be much easier for you to get the results you are looking for – and faster.

“I thought, maybe we can make a bit of headway and you, like, ballooned it and it was, wow, what have we got? You have some kind of magic there” – Liz, entrepreneur

“John-Paul spoke my language. He helped me get out of my own way. He made me even more confident – no mean feat! Best of all, JP inspired me enough to add life coaching as another string to my bow” – Michael, actor

You may be thinking, I don’t have TIME to do this

That’s why I’ve deliberately kept it simple. Fifteen minutes a day, for seven days, should work for anybody.

It creates a rhythm, and momentum, for better results.

But I know that things come up, and get in the way.

So I’ve created this system so that if you miss a day here and there you can always come back to wherever you left off.

And you’ll get lifetime access, so you can come back again and again.

I had two choices

When I was creating this, I wondered about making it as cheap as possible, so I could sell more and help more people.

But I wouldn’t be able to read all your comments, and chase up with texts and emails.

So I decided to go with the second option, which obviously requires a higher investment on your side.

In exchange for that, I can dedicate my time, energy and resources to help ensure your success.

And I think that’s something you might like.

So I’m wondering…

If you were able to get out of your own way, and stop undermining yourself, what might you do?

Take your time to answer that. It’s very important.


Seriously, take your time.


I won’t go anywhere :-)


I’m also wondering…

If you pulled that off, what would it be worth to you?

Think about it.



Till recently, I sold this course for £152.

I have now withdrawn it.

For the moment, I’m focused on teaching storytelling, and public speaking.