John-Paul Flintoff

Ravensbourne: Sales training, for nice people

Greetings! JP here…

Even people who loathe the idea of “Sales” and “Salespeople” occasionally find themselves in a situation where it's necessary to get somebody else to say yes, with or without a financial transaction.

Which can feel awkward. Like this:

That's me in the middle, with the glasses.

I know from bitter personal experience (see below) how grim it can be to ask for money, and I've learned a huge amount, mostly by doing it all wrong.

Claire Selby has asked me to run a lively, interactive training session at Ravensbourne, and this page is designed to help you decide whether you might like to join us.

The three most important things we'll be covering on the course are:

1. Understanding fully the value of the thing you are “selling”.
2. Putting the needs of your “buyer” before your own, to give them something that truly exceeds in value whatever they may need to pay for it.
3. … keep reading

I strongly recommend that you think about those points. Whether or not you choose to join us.

Because just doing that could help you enormously.

But I hope you WILL join us, because we're going to have fun.

About me: For most of my career I've been a writer, selling books and journalism to editors (Financial Times, Guardian, Sunday Times). But I also worked in sales for a while, cold calling, and after my MA I worked for two years in marketing. My latest book, distributed by Penguin Random House, was entirely crowd-funded, a process that taught me SO much. I trained as a theatrical improviser with the great Keith Johnstone, and call on ideas from impro in my “sales training, for nice people who don't like that kind of thing”.

Organisations I've done this with: Aviva, Channel 4, Google, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London Business School, the Royal College of Art and White Stuff.

Enough for now!


PS. If you're wondering what I left out from that list of three things, come on the course!