John-Paul Flintoff

How To Be A Better Speaker And Presenter / HC 2


Drip, drip, drip…

Delivering training in a single day rarely sticks in people’s minds as well as a more extended process.

On the top of the NEXT page, I explain why delivering it over time, by instalments, is so important – and how it can create something much more powerful for the audience.

But don’t click yet.

Imagine first that I promised to tell you the secret tomorrow.

And think how that might change your learning experience, turning it into something more like a soap opera, where you really want to know what’s next.

Allow me to introduce myself

Obviously, we’ve met already. But in case you wanted to share this with anyone else, here’s a spot of background.

For most of my career, I’ve been a writer and editor on staff at The Sunday Times and The Financial Times. Here I am at my desk at the FT, looking very young:

I’ve also worked as a theatrical improviser:

Impro taught me that “being ready” has two meanings:

  1. well-prepared, with everything planned, rehearsed, locked in place
  2. willing to throw away all that prep, in order to meet the requirements of the occasion

I’ve delivered talks on four continents, to crowds of as many as 5,000 people, and also online.

Some entertaining, some very serious.

Here’s feedback from a recent online talk, about my own mental breakdown and recovery:

Feedback on an online talk by John-Paul Flintoff: "That was one of the most profound and incredible stories I have ever come across or heard. I am staggered at his strength and bravery", "I wept, I laughed, and hearing colleagues sharing their thoughts an

That’s enough about me

(Thank goodness.)

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