John-Paul Flintoff

How To Be A Better Speaker And Presenter

A training proposal for Shaun Savory, Birketts

Dear Shaun

You asked me to write a proposal for training in speaking and presenting at Birketts.

I found this nice photo of your office and some of your people. I hope you don’t mind me adding it here.

Picture: Cambridge Network

Please note that this training proposal will expire on 22 April 2021

Goals of the training

  • Build confidence
  • Teach a simple but robust system for preparing any talk
  • Share techniques that work both in person and online

What we will cover:

The training is modelled on classical rhetoric1
  1. Invention, or Working out what the talk should be
  2. Arrangement, aka Making sense of your material
  3. Style: Polishing up what you have prepared
  4. Memory, and what to do if you don’t want to memorise it all
  5. Delivery, including how to throw away what you have prepared, if the occasion requires it

Note 1. But a lot more fun than that sounds


I am happy to deliver the training in person or online. Either way, it will combine:

  • lively, informal interaction (see picture below), and
  • opportunities for quiet introspection.

A previous workshop, with Lawyers On Demand


It can be delivered in two ways, to suit you:

  1. in a single day, with breaks
  2. over 5 × 90 min sessions, roughly a week apart

Doing it all in a single day may be more convenient for you.

But please read on, to see why spreading it out is better…>>