John-Paul Flintoff

Coaching proposal

Dear Phil and Isabella

Thanks for the meeting yesterday.

As we spoke, I could feel the pressures you're under, from all directions, and readily imagine how hard it must be to manage that, with a small team in a state of flux.

When I've been in that kind of situation myself, it's felt as though I wasn't breathing properly… and not sleeping well either.

Not fun.

But I've seen again and again how easy it can be to turn things around – so that instead of focusing unduly on what's NOT working, teams turn their attention to a shared goal.

Making best use of each individual's own talents and values…

… with open and honest communication, so that everybody feels connected, and fully engaged.

It was helpful (and exciting) to hear how you want to look back, a year from now:

  1. with clear, measurable outcomes relating to membership numbers and satisfaction,
  2. improved relations with the bishops, and
  3. a higher profile, beyond the Catholic press.

I think we can do this!

To give you a better sense of my work, I'm including this short film of a project I ran in Northern Ireland, with community groups, a business network, school and a prison:

3 mins 25 secs


You challenge my way of thinking. I have a lot of realisations when I'm with you. It's like dominoes knocking each other over” – Satnam, startup CEO (health sector)

“You coached me out of a hopeless rut in my life. The big thing was to teach me to value delight over duty. That liberated me so much “ – Sophie Howarth, founder, Department Store for The Mind and Year Here


As discussed, I think the best overall structure would be:

START: all-day group session, so that everybody gets to meet me and the team gets a chance to share openly and honestly.

THEN: fortnightly coaching sessions with individuals. Since I will have met everybody by then, I suggest doing these sessions by Skype.

AFTER THREE MONTHS: half-day group session, to look back at what's been achieved so far.

AND THEN: monthly sessions with individuals, until we feel we have finished our work together.

I suggest that group sessions be held outside your workplace, so that they're not “just another meeting”.

“JP is brilliant. The coaching helped me to find the strength to have important conversations and to make change happen in my life. It was also a lot of fun!” – Beatriz de Grau, higher education


I can confirm that I'm available to start in August, but will be away for two weeks at the end of the month / into the start of September.


Individual coaching can only work if each client knows that the contents of the session will remain confidential, can trust me and speak openly. This needs to be clearly understood before we start.

I will of course report to you if people don't turn up for coaching, so that we can discuss this together.

I'd be happy to share with you, before we go ahead, the letter of agreement that I share with every individual client.

“John-Paul spoke my language. He helped me get out of my own way. He made me even more confident – no mean feat! Best of all, JP inspired me enough to add life coaching as another string to my bow” – Michael Obiora, actor


When I work with corporate clients, I charge £3,000 for a day, and £500 per session for individual coaching.

(You asked who I have worked with, and I described some of the non-profits. Many of my corporate clients are listed here.)

I recognise that this fee level would not be appropriate for CSAN, and I'm keen to work with you to increase the impact of your important work – so I propose a fee structure more like this:

Full day workshop: £1200 (first one?)
Half-day workshop: £600 (after three months?)
Individual coaching sessions: £200 each time

I always make myself available, to each individual client, for short calls or email / text exchanges between sessions.

“You took the talk somewhere I had not expected. As a CEO, people don't challenge me directly, but you pushed and challenged me in a way I've not had for years. I've learned a lot” – Grahame, CEO, Octavia Housing

“How have I changed, since the coaching started? I'm more confident to express myself. I'm more curious. I'm less fragile about trying things. I'm better at asking for feedback. I feel more connected” – Martin Cooper, social entrepreneur

Note: all prices are subject to VAT.

0 mins 45 secs

I can't wait to get started! If you're ready, you can email me by clicking here.