Preparing your talk

I’m writing this after having just delivered a deeply strange “motivational talk” to 180 sixth-formers over Zoom.

Some individuals were on their phones (camera off, alas). Most were in classrooms, but sitting far from a camera and blurry, making interaction delightfully awkward.

Happily, I had the sense to name that awkwardness, and even managed to play an impro game through the internet with a teacher (thank you Mr H, hope you enjoyed your two pints of Guinness).

Having come through it alive, and not (yet) received any kind of bollocking for doing anything unspeakable, I’m happy to share this video.

It’s not of the session itself, which would require all kinds of permission from parents – but of the call I had earlier with Ms Elliot, deputy head of the sixth form.

It contains, in brief, the steps I go through before doing any talk, and you might possibly find that useful.

Thank you Ms Elliot for allowing me to share it. Please leave a comment if you think I forgot anything (or just to say how blooming marvellous Ms Elliot is).

PS. I didn’t ask people to put a hand on their nose.

As ever, please leave me a comment before you go…