This video contains a very basic outline of what speaking and presenting can and should be.

Many beginners naturally assume that it’s all about the person speaking – a kind of one-way broadcast, before a passive audience.

In fact, both speaking and presenting belong with everyday conversation on a spectrum of communication that goes from (say) sending a message full of data to unknown life forms in outer space (not very intimate) to admitting a dreadful and embarrassing mistake with somebody close (very intimate).

To make this a bit clearer, I’ve created a PDF showing various points on that spectrum. Feel free to download it.

Speaking and presenting can occupy any point on the spectrum, depending on the context.

In general, we tend to move towards ever greater levels of intimacy, or openness, unless we experience some kind of hurt. That kind of hurt might include a prior bad experience in front of an audience – which can make us afraid of every other audience.

If that’s happened to you, you have my sympathy. Because I know how that feels.

But if it’s happened to you, you probably also know that you need to overcome that fear, and start to open up again. If you weren’t aware of that, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.

Finally, a word about technique.

Too often, when it comes to speaking and presenting, “techniques” are offered as dark secrets that will help you to manipulate others.

I hate that!

But I recognise that techniques do, in fact, exist. I use them myself and I enjoy learning new ones. I’ll share many of them as we go along.

If you haven’t downloaded the Spectrum of Communications yet, please do it now.

Spectrum of Communications – download the PDF

And leave me a comment – thank you!

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