What to expect, quickstart guide, schedule and roadmap – and a good place to ask your questions

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1. Wow

Cicero called the first stage of oratory “Invention“, but that sounds dull, so I’m calling it WOW, which stands for Work Out What The Heck You Are Up To.
In this section: What kind of audience do you have? What do you want to say? And how to combine the answers to those questions.

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2. Cripes

CRIPES stands for Choose Really Interesting Proofy Evidence Stuff, which would have been known to Cicero as “Arrangement“.
This section covers: What to tell, what to leave out? How to use facts and figures. The power of story.

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3. Corblimey

aka, Clean Out Rubbish But Leave It Massively Elegant (Cicero: “Style“).
In this section: Sharpen your rhetoric. Channel somebody inspiring. Raise the emotional temperature.

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Sorry: see above.

4. Crumbs

CRUMBS stands for “Completely Ram Your Mind/Brain Space. (Cicero: “Memory“.)
In this section: Mental routines. Practising out loud. Using mind maps and other visual memory aids. Using props.

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Sorry: blah-de-blah.

5. Gasp

Or, Give A Super Presentation (Cicero: “Delivery“).
In this section: What to do immediately before the event, what to do at the event, and what to do afterwards.

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I think I have apologised enough.

Case study: my own “Hero’s Journey”

How I started out awkward, grew steadily in confidence, fell into a hole, and slowly climbed back out of it.

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Other people: Case Studies

Event hosts, after dinner speakers, media trainers, campaigners, political comedy, TEDx organiser, 12 step fellowship, speechwriters, priests, a literary festival host, first-time speaker and an audience of dandelions.

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