What to expect, quickstart guide, schedule and roadmap – and a good place to ask your questions

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What kind of audience do you have? What do you want to say? And how to combine the answers to those questions.

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What to tell, what to leave out? How to use facts and figures. The power of story.

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Sharpen your rhetoric. Channel somebody inspiring. Raise the emotional temperature.

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Mental routines. Practising out loud. Using props.

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What to do immediately before the event, what to do at the event, and what to do afterwards.

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Case study: my own “Hero’s Journey”

How I started out awkward, grew steadily in confidence, fell into a hole, and slowly climbed back out of it.

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Other people: Case Studies

Event hosts, after dinner speakers, media trainers, campaigners, political comedy, TEDx organiser, 12 step fellowship, speechwriters, priests, a literary festival host, first-time speaker and an audience of dandelions.

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