JP Flintoff


By John-Paul Flintoff

I write, make stuff, and produce live interactions designed to stir people to look under the bonnet and learn about themselves. To do this, I work with many talented and delightful people.

What we believe:
Life is exciting
Everything is an offer
We create our own reality
Everybody gets to be interesting
Making is for the love of creation
You only live once (and so do I)
Make it fun

Our work addresses what it means to be human. We hope it is skilful, and well presented, but more important to us is to share an authentic imprint of the human maker.

Regardless of the medium we work in, the old skills or new technologies, we invite people to see new possibilities for themselves – to be curious, courageous and playful.

What is this?

I was inspired to write this manifesto by my friend Rachael Matthews, who I wrote about in Sew Your Own. And Rachael was inspired in turn by Vivienne Westwood.

Can we, between us, inspire you to try writing your own one? Go on – just start writing down what really matters to you?

Posted: February 9, 2010