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Sales and marketing, for nice people who hate that kind of thing 2 of 5

What is your personal value, and how can you increase it?

… this is Video 2 of 5 from my, “Sales and marketing, for nice people who hate that kind of thing” series.

I have done a LOT of different jobs, over the years. As have you, I bet…

As well as writer, artist and performer I’ve worked as:

  1. bin man
  2. executive PA
  3. scuba diver
  4. poet
  5. taxi driver
  6. tailor
  7. gardener
  8. ice-cream salesman
  9. film-maker
  10. assistant undertaker
  11. ceramics designer
  12. bit-part player in a pantomime on the professional London stage
  13. waiter
  14. illustrator
  15. high-wire window cleaner
  16. painter and decorator
  17. karaoke singer
  18. rat catcher and
  19. executive coach.

At risk of stating the bleeding obvious, I’d like to emphasize that these jobs do not bring in the same amount of money.

There are three key reasons for that:

  1. competition
  2. expertise
  3. leverage

In the video, I explain how you can work out your own personal value by thinking about these three things. You will see why you earn the amount you currently earn, and how you can increase it substantially.

But to do that goes against some deep habits. For instance: not valuing what you can offer.

In the video, I explain how you can find value in all kinds of things: things you have, and things you don’t have.

In the next video, I’ll explain in more detail how to find your value, and turn it into A Thing.

Until then!

JP “nettles are good” Flintoff

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