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When I was young…

… the only thing I wanted was to Be A Writer (yes, with capital letters).

Not a very unusual goal.

And I pulled it off. I did it. Just what I’d dreamed of:

  • Book, tick.
  • Newspapers and magazines, tick.

But looking back I can see how limited that goal was. How unambitious. Because it paid no attention to so many other factors. Like: the lifestyle I would like, and how to pay for it.

Mind you, I did pretty well for myself.

Until I lost everything.


Until that moment, the only way I knew to earn any money was this:

  • meet people
  • talk to them
  • write it up
  • collect the cash.

As this video makes clear, I would have to come up with something else. And I did.

I set myself another goal.

But again it was profoundly unambitious – as I explain, in the video.

In this series, I will show how you can avoid making the same mistake, as you go about creating amazing things to share with the world.

I’ll show you can achieve financial freedom while continuing to do wonderful creative work…

… by setting yourself an ambitious goal.

It doesn’t matter what your current skill level is.

But do it now! Don’t move till you have found a pen and paper and written down your goal. The one that will bring you FREEDOM.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in touch with the next video.

Until then!

JP “goals are good” Flintoff

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