John-Paul Flintoff

Watch this (it gets worse before it gets better)

It's difficult to build a movement, and lead it to great things, if you don't fully grasp the concepts of sales and marketing.

Really OWN them.

Doesn't matter if you are a business, an artist/writer/musician, or some kind of activist.

Too many people shun “selling”, as if it's a terrible thing.

But good selling is about making it possible for people to get what they actually want.

It's not about forcing anything.

In my experience, it's often campaigners and non-profits who rely on the wrong kind of selling:

  1. coercion
  2. guilt

That stuff's bollocks!

I mean, scuse my language and hands up, I've done it myself. Wish I hadn't. But I only seem able to learn from my mistakes…

The fact is: if you learn to be good at marketing (creating a market for your thing) people will ASK for it.

“Sales” won't even come into it.

At some level, you know this makes sense.

You hate it when people get all salesy. And you hate to do it yourself.

It comes from a place of desperation.

Don't despair!

That's the worst mistake you can make. The feeling that you HAVE to get it all done and start selling NOW is exactly what makes you needy.

And repels people.

So take it easy, no matter how hard that may seem. Get yourself a cup of tea.

(My solution to everything.)

I'm launching a course shortly.

It will cover:

1. Identifying your “product” (a physical thing, a service, or just an idea)
2. Getting clearer about your audience, and how to segment it
3. Understanding why it's important to follow a careful sequence of ideas as you reveal your product
4. The structure of your online presence, including hidden pages on your website and automated email
5. Getting the price right

If you're interested, let me know by clicking on this link (it will open your email automatically):