John-Paul Flintoff

Sales and marketing, for nice people who hate that kind of thing 4 of 5

This time, we look at how important it is for you to establish your platform (website and mailing list), and how to make the best of it:

1. build the list
2. build a relationship of trust with the people on it
3. sell them things they truly want and need.

In the video, I give several ideas about how you can identify the kind of people you want to serve and hang out with, and why it’s important not to try to appeal to everybody…

I explain how you can start to find more and more of those people…

… and what kinds of things you might offer them in order to have them sign up.

Unlike many established sales experts, who talk about these things all the time, I have a particular focus on the FEAR that probably stops you even starting to sell anything.

In the video, I explain that I have seen again and again how the fear of selling turns us into (at least) two kinds of weirdo: either very nervous and timid, or needy and pushy.

More about that in the next (and last) video…

Till then!

JP “the best is yet to come” Flintoff

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