John-Paul Flintoff

Share MORE of what you have to offer

I've been struggling with something recently: an idea I had a few months ago, to increase awareness of the many different things I do.

Perhaps you have the same problem: You want the people you work with to know about your other products or services.

If so, keep reading…

I realised, when I opened the bill from my broadband supplier, that I was missing a great opportunity.

You see, bills from the Phone Co-op were designed with a little ad in the middle of the page, promoting their other services: mobile phones, work with charities, and more. Like this:

I wondered if I could do something similar with my invoices.

After all, people who invite me to run a class using theatrical improvisation might not know that I also sell my own range of chinaware, and vice versa. People who know me as a campaigner might not know that I teach “Sales and marketing, for nice people who hate that kind of thing”.

And so on.

Now if you make a living doing just ONE thing, or selling just ONE product, this is no use to you. You can stop reading, and look for pictures of kittens etc…

But most of us have diversified a bit.

People who receive your invoices are great people to share this kind of message with, because they're not indifferent strangers.

They're real people who have already chosen to work with you.

I'm sure you can see where this is going. What the implications might be…

But for a long time, I never got round to designing the invoice.

I forgot about it.

Until, recently, I had a better idea.

If you have your own website, and you create a lot of invoices, you'll love this.

Here's my better idea:

Instead of merely embedding a still image advertising something, I could embed a video.

But how?, you may ask.

And a video showing what?

I can show you, but you need to understand that the specifics are all made up.

Just click here…