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Let me tell you about Chrissy...

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Aha! You came… Well done, good move.

First: watch the video. It helps makes sense of everything else.




Watched it? Excellent. Now, remember what I said before, about Chrissy offending people by accident?

It's pretty terrible, really.

She was mortified…

The things she said, and wrote!

You see, she's not a great writer. Muddles things up. More of a visual person.

At school, when she was 13, she delivered a talk in geography, and instead of saying “public areas”, she said pubic.

Never lived it down. Gave up geography in the vain hope that people would forget.

Later, she wrote to a man who was helping start out in her career.

Man by the name of Hugh Marshall.

A large man, as it happens…

Not that this would normally be something to mention. It's neither here nor there.

But on the envelope, Chrissy wrote “Huge Marshall”.


It wasn't intended as a joke. Chrissy just couldn't spell Hugh.

That was the end of a fine working relationship.

Then there was the time she ended a letter to clients with “kind regards”. Only, she actually wrote kind retards.


Thing is, she could have explained that she just has a problem with writing, and apologised.

But she couldn't bring herself to tell people about what she saw as a weakness.

A “terrible flaw”.

Like most of us, she found it hard to be vulnerable like that.

But hey, she put it behind her.


And a lot of that, she told me, is because she had encouragement, when she was young, from the great illustrator Quentin Blake.

Here's a picture by Blake. It's from his book, The BFG, but if you squint, you can imagine it's a picture of Blake himself, giving encouragement to young Chrissy…

Now… fast forward a few years.

In that time, Chrissy worked in perfectly normal jobs, doing what she needed to do to keep her employers happy…

She had children, brought them up…

And launched a world-changing movement.

You may be thinking, “World-changing” is a big claim. Does Chrissy really deserve that?

Pretty soon, you'll be able to decide for yourself.

Now, here's that picture I promised you in the video. It's of Chrissy on the rooftop at Unilever, with me and her partner Barlow.

Yup, that's the London Eye in the background.

Chrissy's looking pretty relieved, having successfully hosted an event at Unilever HQ on the Thames.

Something she has pulled off before. But it's never easy.

From one year to the next, she doesn't know if she'll manage…

…because it takes a hell of of lot of energy, let alone money and other resources, to create events of this kind.

This week, she's doing it again.

Different venue though.

Guests will include young people from all over the world. They've worked hard to apply their creative skills to important causes that need somebody to champion them…

…today, those young people are waiting to hear if their efforts have been successful.

On Wednesday, they'll find out.

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Speak soon.

JP “the view here's amazing” Flintoff

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