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Lost your mojo? Get it back in 5 mins flat

Hi – I’ve put on a tie to record today’s video. And I added music, just for a change.

I hope you approve.

0 mins 37 secs

So, the exercise itself is in the video below.


But before you watch, a quick reminder: I’ve updated the exercise on how to build your “want” muscles.

It’s embedded on this page:

It’s really important to understand what you want, by writing it down or saying it out loud to another human being.

Otherwise, you’re very unlikely to act on it.

And if you are even slightly interested in working with me, perhaps in the programme I’m running in January / early Feb…

…well, if YOU don’t know what you want, I just can’t help you.


Now, take a look at this video, and follow the instructions, so you know how to get your mojo back instantly.

5 mins 10 secs

Done the exercise? Great!

(Or are you just saying that?)

When you’re really finished, quickly pop over and top up your “want” muscles here:

That’s all for today! :-)


Posted: December 12, 2017