John-Paul Flintoff

Impro at the Idler Academy

Improvisation is not just for performers. It’s a life skill we can all use.

With Steve Chapman, I’m running Improvisation workshops at The Idler Academy. We’ll lead you through an adventure into the world of spontaneity using skills, drills and games that are as valuable in our day-to-day lives as they are on stage.

Practising these skills in a safe environment is a great way to understand your unconscious yearning for control, structure and order – and how that can get in the way of being truly present and attuned to others. Through impro, we learn to regulate those needs. We start to notice more about the world around us, become less anxious and vastly more creative. We can also generate an incredible amount of laughter ~ a most pleasant side effect!

You do not need to be clever, creative or funny to improvise. In fact, too much of any of these may be a disadvantage.

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