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How To Talk About Something Delicate: a few suggestions

If you’re talking about something delicate, it’s important to set up expectations from the start.

Maria Varallo (left) and Sam Greenley founded Illuminate to help people overcome – and talk about – mental health difficulties.

On Tuesday, their colleague Susie Peters hosted a Zoomy workshop in which I shared how I prepare for my own talks on that topic, and went into some detail at the start about how to negotiate those expectations.

(The process is broadly the same whatever the talk is about, to be honest.)

Today I published the audio on episode 15 of an ADEQUATE podcast. Not the whole hour-long workshop but the beginning.

If you listen, you’ll hear me giving a talk about giving a talk: apologies in advance that it’s a bit self-referential. FYI, some members of the audience had already delivered talks of their own, others hadn’t.

Thank you to participants, and to Cambridgeshire-based “Illuminate”: for organising this session.

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Posted: February 25, 2021

Keywords: mental health