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How To Do A Wedding Speech?

“How to talk at a wedding?” Penny Smith asked, when I arrived (late!) on her live talkRADIO show.

Penny, who is obviously a very accomplished speaker, what with having her own radio show, said she’d once had a really ghastly experience at a wedding.

“I kept looking around at all these people wanting to eat their tea. And I was the barrier,” she said. “So I got faster and faster, and my voice got higher, so that by the end only a dog could hear it…”

In reply, I told her what I’d have told her at the time, at that wedding, if I was a tiny figure on her shoulder.

We went on to talk, among other things, about the time I gave a speech while on day release from psychiatric hospital. (Woah! Too much information?)

You can listen to our 10 minute chat by finding its start, at 9.27am in this recording:

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Posted: February 14, 2021

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