John-Paul Flintoff

What If Everybody Was Interesting And Attractive?

My recent talk at TEDx Hackney was given the wrong title. I only found out when I got to the venue, and opened the program:

To be clear: the organisers had emailed me some months before to ask what my title was, and I hadn’t decided yet, so I replied, “How long have I got to decide.” I did later send a title – “What If Everybody Was Interesting And Attractive?” but that email must have been missed.

With hindsight, it seems like a brilliant title, and probably accurately reflects this mish-mash about improvising, Keith Johnstone, Queen Anne, going to prison, and playing The Rejection Game with Steve Chapman, Robert Twigger and Janine Ingrid.

Posted: June 15, 2014

Keywords: rejection game, impro, TED, talks