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Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 6

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Well Hall Road, Eltham.

In which we started where we stopped on Day 5, St Alphege church.

As before, we used Zoom and recorded it, but I decided to stop streaming live to Facebook. It was too much.

Then, because of the personal nature of the stories shared, I decided against putting up any kind of highlight video.

To be honest, for the hour or so beforehand, I was thinking of giving up. I had lost sight of why I was doing it. I felt overwhelmed with the responsibility to be here, at this particular time, every weekday in April, just on the off-chance that people might feel like joining me.

Plus, I’ve got a lot of work to do this week, like film an entire course on How To Write for The Idler Academy. But I started the Zoom, David joined me, and we had a good walk.

NOTE: There will be no Desktop Pilgrimage on Weds 14 April or Thurs 15 April

Where we went

  1. Greenwich Observatory
  2. Blackheath
  3. Suburban housing estates off the A2
  4. Well Hall Road, where Stephen Lawrence was killed on an April day 28 years ago.

Topics, stories

Video (highlight)

[nothing today]


Weather report (real world)

Sunny. Still remarkably cold in the morning, but milder at the time of our “walk”.

Up next

[coming soon]

Every weekday in April, 14.30 to 15.15 UK time

How to join: send me a message for the Zoom link.

Posted: April 12, 2021

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