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Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 4

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Desktop Pilgrimage 2021 | Day 4 | via Downing Street

In which we start where we stopped on Day 3, Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Square.

Where we go

  1. Westminster Cathedral (jump to 8 mins, in full video below)
  2. Westminster Abbey (9 mins)
  3. 10 Downing Street (19 mins)
  4. Embankment (27 mins)
  5. Borough Market (34 mins)
  6. Southwark Cathedral (36 mins 17 secs)

Topics, stories

Video (highlight)

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Video (today in full)


Weather report (real world)

Still chilly this morning, on my walk round the block with Peanut (miniature schnauzer). By lunchtime, it was 12 degrees C and cloudy.

Up next

From Southwark Cathedral to Greenwich via Tower Hill

Every weekday in April, 14.30 to 15.15 UK time

Spectators: watch live on Facebook.
Participants: get in touch to join me “on camera” (via Zoom). This would be a lot more fun. Don’t be shy.

Posted: April 8, 2021

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