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How to be more creative

I help people access more of their own, natural creativity, both face to face and online. I draw on my own experience as a novelist, at art school, in theatrical improvisation, in product design, clothes maker, as a coach, blah blah blah – and as a journalist, talking to some of the world's finest creative minds.

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Where do great ideas come from?

Teaching impro in prison

Ever since I first discovered the life-enhancing and mind-expanding benefits of Impro, I’ve been dying to run workshops in prisons.

So when Adrian Turpin, of Wigtown Book Festival, asked me to talk about my books at HMP Dumfries recently, I said I would much prefer to do some impro.

I had no idea that this choice would go down very badly indeed with prisoners. Read more…

Creativity 2

Creativity is freedom

When you are being creative, you are free.

This beautiful idea, which I first learned from the Dutch writer Johan Huizinga, is something I love to see when I'm running workshops.

In this training works…

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Daring to call myself an artist

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Creativity 3

Punk motivation?

What materials do you need?

You can be creative using very special materials, or you can use just about anything.

The hand-made books in these pictures contain pages made out of, among other things, brown paper bags that once hel…

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