John-Paul Flintoff

Brands2Life: train your team to write more creatively

Lucy, Joanna and Adele: greetings!

Emma Ewing at Big Fish Training asked me to make a short film explaining what I could do to help your writers overcome the feeling of being stuck.


Companies I've done this work with include:
Aviva, Channel 4, Google, London Business School, the Royal College of Art and White Stuff.

I also run public workshops for individuals.


  • ‘It made me realise it [writing] was possible at all’
  • ‘It was truly exceptionally excellent’
  • ‘It gave renewed energy and imagination’
  • ‘It gave me confidence in what I was doing but I also learned new approaches’
  • ‘Confidence; reassurance; so, so, so many tools and techniques; a family atmosphere made me feel nurtured…’
  • ‘I have gained technical knowledge, and felt supported in the gaining of that knowledge’
  • ‘It gave me more confidence to continue’
  • ‘It gave me new insight. It also enlightened me as to benefits of free writing, without self-censorship’
  • ‘The best £750 I’ve ever spent – truly. This will stay with me forever. Thank you’

I hope this helps you decide to start working with me asap!


PS. If there is anything that remains unclear, don't hesitate to ask Emma, in the first instance – and I'll do all I can to help her answer.