John-Paul Flintoff

Some brilliant people I work with

Jude Claybourne
I first met Jude on a course doing impro and mask work. She's a brilliant and versatile performer, linguist and coach, and runs workshops (sometimes with me) enabling others to learn the extensive and amazing life lessons found in improvisation.

Jason Henderson
Jason is a writer and researcher. We first started working together in 2013, after Jason got in touch and made me laugh out loud. Through research and his own creative writing he has made a huge contribution to several of my most precious projects, including Queen Anne, and a forthcoming graphic novel. Jason is also an accomplished poet.

Andreas K├Âmmling
Andreas is a coach, based in Germany, and bravely accepted my challenge to coach me around the topic of my Queen Anne project, with cameras capturing the process. We met in training as CTI coaches, and I was drawn to how Andreas works. His influences include Aikido, long-distance running, philosophy and shamanism – plus 12 years in international finance.

Antony Quinn
Antony is a polymath: writer, performer, linguist and much more. The first time we spoke was in an improvised scene in which Antony behaved as if I was almost certainly a psychopath, which I found a bit unnerving. But we got over it, and It was with Antony that I first started playing impro games as a means to learn about using language – any language – with confidence.

Asha Sarella
Asha is an organisational wiz. We first worked together nearly ten years ago, when I wrote about the then-fairly new idea of virtual assistants for The Sunday Times. (The story of our collaboration also appeared in Sew Your Own.) We stayed in touch, and continue to work together. Asha is a top-class Indian classical dancer.

Ben Spencer
Ben is a musician and producer of large and small-scale events and creative projects. We started working together in 2013. In making my film, Queen Anne's Life Coach, Ben has been an incredible source of ideas and energy – and he has done much of the filming too. As part of the Britpop band My Life Story, Ben has had four singles in the Top 40 of the British charts.