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Thanks for downloading my form

…and congratulations on the start of what could be a great big adventure.

If you just want the form, that's fine! I wish you every success with it. It should be in your inbox very soon.

Realistically, I think you may struggle to do much on your own.

I run online webinars, where I show people like you how to make the best use of the form, and start making real changes, in work and life generally.


These are live coaching sessions, delivered through the internet. I use a couple of different platforms.

It's basically me talking directly to you, on our own private TV channel.

But it's better than that…

…because I can invite individual participants to “join me onscreen”, or share audio, if that feels better, or even just type messages to me – so that I can have a conversation with you in real time.

If you prefer to lurk at the back, that's fine too.

But there's something you should know: some webinars are live, some are pre-recorded.

Not everybody who delivers these things is entirely honest about which is which. I try to be very clear about it.

This clip right here, for instance, is a recording. I took short bits from a couple of different webinars I ran recently, and stuck them together quickly so you could see what it's really like inside the webinar “room” with me:

I want you to understand that it's “safe”…

…because I want you to join my online training programme.

I think it will really help you.

I get MANY requests for coaching, from people all over the place. I simply don't have the time to do introductory calls. This page, and the embedded video, are the best compromise I can find.

I hope you enjoy watching, and look forward to seeing you on my next webinar.

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