John-Paul Flintoff

Brands2Life: train your team to write more creatively (Part 2)

Hey – I'm back, and glad to hear you have questions about how my workshop produces any actual improvement in writing, as opposed to just generally giving everybody a great time.

This video partly explains, and I've added a few bullet points below.


Bullet points:

  • The focus of the exercises is always on the words…
  • And on what the audience actually enjoys, and wants more of
  • I have been a writer for years. I thought I was quite good, too, but when I learned these exercises, training in person with the legendary Keith Johnstone (who basically invented impro in the 1950s, at the Royal Court Theatre, what a guy) I was stunned by how much they taught me. It was like getting religion, and I'm absolutely devoted to sharing what I learned with as many people as possible, because this is simply gold dust.
  • Er, back to bullet points now
  • For maximum benefit, this workshop should run BEFORE the written exercises in the other workshop.