Mon 27 Apr 20 | Diary

Pilgrim's Diary

Sketching latest

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Fri 24 Apr 20 | Diary

Pilgrim's Diary

Taplow to Cookham

This being a virtual pilgrimage, I’m going to come back to Taplow. I have a number of Buddhist friends who must have visited Taplow Court gazillions of times – and I’d like to look around with them.

But I’m writing today’s diary in haste. It’s lunchtime, and I’m hungry!

[Lunch finished.]

I’m pushing ahead, determined not to keep people waiting longer than necessary. It’s Rob’s book launch soon, and I’d really like to be with him on the day.

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Thurs 23 Apr 20 | Diary

Pilgrim's Diary

Windsor to Taplow

Finished yesterday saying I felt I was letting everybody down. I know I’m not, really.

But some have been so generous with their own pilgrim’s diaries (you know who you are).

I realise that I’ve been failing to post anything because I’ve been hiding what else I was up to during these days.

So I’m going to take a tip from another great writer-walker, Hilaire Belloc:

Belloc’s most famous pilgrimage book is Path to Rome, but he also walked the South Downs from Winchester to Canterbury, so he’s definitely somebody I should hold in mind.

As it happens, I’ve also been “paying my way” on this pilgrimage by words and drawings.

You may have noticed already the little ads promoting my writer’s workshops at the bottom of these posts. (Most Mondays for the next however long.) The fees go to me (and thank goodness for that, at this time).

I’ve also being drawing people – as part of a fundraiser on behalf of the homeless in Soho, a community in great hazard during the coronavirus pandemic.

I’ve drawn about 20 people so far. Here’s a taster:

At the weekend, this coming Saturday, I’m going to draw somebody quite extraordinarily famous as part of that project. An Oscar-winning actress.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Meanwhile, I’m walking on:

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