Who’s coming?

I’m hoping to be joined by all kinds of lovely people, but I’ve started by asking storytellers, because this is the closest I’ll get to my own Canterbury Tales.

This page is likely to change quite a lot as the people I ask accept (if they do). Keep scrolling down to read more.

Six pilgrims (random: refresh page for more):

Justin Wise

Joined in northwest London, with us from kick-off

Jess Dandy

SInger of heartbreaking talent. Good walker

Robert Twigger

Whizzing to Winchester from Dorset

Anni Townend

South Downs Way Ranger. Keeping us safe

Tom Hodgkinson

Meeting us at virtual tavern, Shepherd’s Bush, London

Claudia Jessop

Poet, and general whiz

I’m hoping to lure these three, who came with me on a half-day authors pilgrimage last year (in real life, less than two metres apart):

I haven’t asked two of them yet, so it’s a bit cheeky to put this picture up. Sorry gang – this is a work in progress.

I’m asking a handful of terrific writers whose work I saw come together on Arvon writing retreats that I co-ran. I’ve no idea if they’ll balk at the idea of reading their work in progress on camera for all to see. Come on chaps! You can do it!

And I’d really like it if you joined me. The more the merrier, frankly. Not that I’m aiming always for merriment.

Tears, laughter, all the good stuff.

If Chaucer had it in his Canterbury Tales, I want it in mine.

One thought on “Who’s coming?

  1. Hi John – Paul

    My friend Fenella gave me your name and I am interested in what you do. I write stuff for fun (sort of) : travel, boating, a long autobiography ( just finishing volume 3 !) and poetry. I have enjoyed several Arvon courses.

    Are you doing workshops on writing ? I would be interested in any of the themes above.

    Look forward to hearing from you

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