Start Here: what is this?

WHAT: A virtual, 30-day pilgrimage to Canterbury, “meeting” others to share stories – like Chaucer, but with Zoom.

WHEN: Started planning already. Set off Wed 15 April. Need to finish 10 May.

WHERE: I’m doing it virtually, from my desk, in lock-down, “walking” at an easy pace and picking up each day where I finished the day before. Starts north-west London, via Winchester, to Canterbury. Not a direct route, but it has significance.

WHO: I’ll be inviting friends to join me, experts on walking, landscape, history, storytelling and belief. I hope you’ll join us. As well as the general entertainment and camaraderie, I’m running storytelling workshops for those who want it.

WHY: To hang out every day with people I like, from 10am. Human contact. Entertainment. Learn things. A pilgrimage has structure, and a destination.

HOW: I’m posting a schedule on the calendar. Join what you’d like and leave the rest.

This short video gives a sense of how I came up with the idea:

If you’d like to be involved, just leave a comment below. Your email address will be sent to me as the site admin, but nobody else will see it.

And I’ll get back to you asap.


2 thoughts on “Start Here: what is this?

  1. Would love to join you. Maybe I should leave from Margate and meet you in Canterbury. I’m currently writing about the Cathedral bells…

    1. Dan! I’m so pleased to hear from you. Yes, please join!

      If you feel like stretching your legs in a couple of weeks, you could wander towards Rochester – I think there’s a rather nice cathedral there, too, which was on the old pilgrimage route from London. (Haven’t done much research yet!)

      What are you writing about the bells? Could it be turned into a (Chaucer-like) Tale?

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