Jonathan Hoban

Jonathan Hoban is a London-based psychotherapist who pioneered Walking Therapy. In 2019, The Times sent me to interview him, and get some Walking Therapy on Hampstead Heath.

Jonathan is zipping up from Isle of Wight to join us at Winchester.

Explainer Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

But first, here’s a video we recorded together, two days earlier, in which I explained the project:

Jonathan H., Day 1

Jonathan H., Day 2

Jonathan H., Day 3

The virtual pilgrimage has been a journey of the mind so far, which has also ignited memories and imagination.

Even the simple act of walking outside in circles around a birch tree in my garden, I definitely feel this act each day has helped spark my imagination and playfulness.

It has also been a mindful and meditative action that helped create a sense of comfort within myself, and given me permission to daydream and use the creative part of my mind.

[07:32, 16/04/2020] Jonathan Hoban

As it will only take me now seven hours to walk to Winchester (can’t believe it’s that close to Portsmouth) let me know how many days it would take you
to get there – I can park up rest for a few days and take in the scenery (virtually speaking 😉) have a lovely day.

[09:38, 16/04/2020] Jonathan Hoban

Buy Jonathan’s book, Walk With Your Wolf, HERE on Amazon.

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