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Pilgrim's Diary

Even further West London

Last night, I slept at Shepherd’s Bush – a surprisingly refreshing kip on the Green – before waking to the dawn chorus.

From there, I set off towards Sipson, a village near Heathrow famous for the campaigns waged against building a new runway.

Altogether, I walked 12.5 miles. It was easy going, because the ground is mostly flat.

In times past, Hounslow Heath was notorious for highwaymen. In fact, I wrote about that in my novel about Queen Anne, because the characters have to travel this way to get to Windsor from London.

As I walked over that once-perilous terrain, I read a little from the book:

On repetition

Posting these videos of Google Streetview, I worry that it might be terribly repetitious. But really, each one is different.

This question came up in yesterday’s writing workshop: novelty for the sake of it is not always a good thing.

Sometimes it can be very effective to repeat something with small variations, because each one shines fresh light on the others.

To demonstrate that, I made a tiny film for the workshop participants, about a book I love by Matt Madden:

I shall be using Streetview again – and again and again – but I shall not be walking this way through Hounslow, and nor shall I read you that passage, from that book, again.

Postscript. Received an encouraging message from Jess, with some reading recommendations. I’ll share those soon.

Next Writer’s Workshop

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