JP Flintoff

1 Million Conversations

By John-Paul Flintoff

Ready to join the conversation revolution…?


Right now, we’re planning events with all kinds of partners:
residents associations,
and more…

We’re using cups, and mugs, as a simple excuse for people to talk to each other. They’re “conversation pieces”, to use a rather old-fashioned term.

When we designed our first pair, we put them to the test. This is what happened:

Then we started to take them into different places.

We tried paper cups (very reluctantly, because of the environmental impact but we needed something to spread the word fast)…

And we’re constantly trying to make the cups better.

Design better prompts, to make conversation even easier.

But to be clear: you don’t absolutely NEED one of our special cups.

You can just tell somebody about them. Tell them our general idea. Then say: would you like a cup of tea, or coffee? And get out any old pair of mugs.

But be careful about one thing: when you sit down together, devote proper attention to each other for a few minutes.

That’s all.

But it all helps, right?

Because that’s one more conversation that might not otherwise have happened.

If you want a bit of encouragement, somebody to hold you to account…

…just leave a comment below.

Tell me who you will do this with. I’d love to read what you say.

And even if I don’t reply to everybody, I read it all.

So you will know that I know that you are planning to have that one extra conversation!


Posted: October 28, 2017

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