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Who I work with 1

If you’re looking at this page, there’s a good chance you want help with making change happen, engaging with the people who matter to your organisation, internally and externally, and creating real impact in events that could otherwise be flat.

This page gives a taste of work I do with companies, organisations and groups. Some of the pictures are linked to pages giving you more detail. For more, please get in touch using the details below.

Change the world, and help others believe they can do it too

I have delivered sessions on how to change the world to many companies, in the UK and overseas.

“Amazing. We thought you would be quite good but had no idea how good. The exercises were a great way for people to engage with each other, and taught us a lot about ourselves” – Google Creative Labs

How to change as a team, and truly make a contribution. JP made it interesting not only from a professional perspective, which was just what we wanted. Light but meaningful, and different to the more formal workshops we typically run in France” – Moet Hennessy

Sales training, for nice people who don’t like that kind of thing

I have worked with many organisations on how to sell, human-style.

Using film and social media to engage hard-to-reach audiences

Aviva asked me to help devise a film, to encourage young people to plan for their future.

Who I work with 2

Even great teams are transformed by better communication

Saracens, the rugby champions, asked me to talk to players and coaches about talking openly and freely about what matters – and how to keep getting better at it.

“As a result, the backs have been more than usually forthcoming in team meetings. The head coach in particular thinks that’s great” – Saracens

Overcome barriers to collaboration and achieve so much more

The telecoms company, O2, asked me to create a series of films about collaboration – why we should all do more of it, and how. Here’s one.

Lose the fear of networking and turn it into an art form

Companies including Accenture, and Smith & Williamson, have asked me to deliver interactive talks and workshops on networking.

“I’ll remember these lessons for the rest of my career” – participant, Accenture

Communicate better at work

Great Ormond Street Hospital and Google, among others, asked me to talk about how to communicate better at work.

“You really helped us to think about how we engage with individual donors – thank you” – Great Ormond Street Hospital

“Safe Space! It was the first time people were able to open up and express their opinion” – Google

Who I work with 3

Create powerful strategies, using simple storytelling techniques

One of Unilever’s international food and drink divisions asked me to share storytelling ideas and skills.

“The teams absolutely loved it. I’ve never had such a positive reaction to an expert before.”

Harness the full power of membership groups – at little cost

Organisations waste money on conferences and networking events with no clear purpose. There’s a better way, and it costs very little.

Bringing communities together

The government of Northern Ireland wanted to encourage and strengthen collaboration among (and between!) community groups across Belfast.

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