John-Paul Flintoff: What's it about?

John-Paul Flintoff

What's it about?

Finished. Made it. It's done

After 16 years, my novel is finally published. (I know!) Here is Queen Anne, with the face of my friend, the improviser Jude Claybourne.

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Queen Who?

Queen Anne betrayed her father, who cursed her, and from that point on she started to lose her children – all seventeen of them. Why don’t more people know that?! Anne was the second daughter of a se…

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Daniel Defoe, author and spy

The main character in What If The Queen Should Die? is Daniel Defoe, best known today as the author of Robinson Crusoe, one of the first novels published in English.

As a young man, Defoe is widely b…

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Hot stuff

When I’m looking for a book to read, and wondering which one to buy, the question always lingering in my mind is – how do I know if I’ll enjoy it? So I take a look inside, and read a bit.

Are you like…

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Is this the greatest ever piece of crowdfunding?

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We don’t publish until we have enough funds

Why I chose to crowd-fund my novel

What kinds of things can you get if you fund me?

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How I wrote this book

How can authors work with performers?

How can a male writer understand?

How can a man possibly fathom what it’s like to be a woman who lost 17 children? The question has troubled me ever since I started writing about Queen Anne. But more positive voices in my head say th…

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I admit to plagiarism

This list (pictured) is by Alasdair Gray. In my novel, I have used all three of Gray’s forms of plagiarism. Mostly, I have stolen ideas from Shakespeare. One whole chapter is based on a scene out of H…

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How to print a book (while you're still writing it)

When I’m writing a book, I hate to read it on loose sheets of paper. I want to read it as a book.

For that reason, I often use to print my books on demand while I’m writing them. Sew Your Own

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Your face here?

This is me, as Gulliver, accompanied by a lot of Lilliputians in Jonathan Swift’s novel. If I’d lived when Swift was around, and if the great man had asked me to help fund his book, I’d have leapt at…

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Look out for Wendy

This is Wendy Asumadu at the 2014 Creative Conscience Awards. She won silver for her film about the struggles and prejudice associated with people suffering from bipolar and other mental disorders. I…

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On having a bit of a wobble

Recently, I had a bit of a wobble. I became a bit overwhelmed with the negative voice in my head, telling me that my happy experiments in writing historical fiction, and working as a coach, and playin…

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Be part of it


What If The Queen Should Die? is available in all good bookshops, but you can still buy ebook, hardback and signed hardback copies directly from Unbound by clicking here.

The point of it all

What’s the point of all this stuff – all this bleedin’ celebrating I’ve been doing today? Let me explain. I wasn’t always very good at it – marking the milestones, the times when I pulled something of…

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You are invited…

…to my all-day, online book-launch party. If you are very lucky, you might even meet Yvonne.

Interviewing myself, as the meanest possible journalist

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How 25 readers transformed my manuscript

Not every author can do this: invite real readers, who have paid money up-front for a book, to edit and improve the manuscript before it’s published.

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Queen Anne, the mug

Even before designing blue and white china for The Department Store for the Mind, I was thinking of ways to make a commemorative Queen Anne mug.

The picture above shows a drawing that takes in several…

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Eek! After 15 years, I have my publishing schedule

Yesterday I popped into the offices of Unbound to pick up the publishing schedule for my book, now that it’s fully funded.

We’re aiming to launch in March, which is a great month for that – and gives…

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10 crowdfunding lessons for authors

I’ve been crowdfunding a novel for — well, I was about to write, for too long. But I realised today that I don’t really want it to end. I’m happy getting there slowly. I’ve finally fallen in love with the process… Read more


Poems for subscribers to What If The Queen Should Die?

To M.B.
What, and how great, the virtue and the art
That’s manifested by my old friend Mart.
A student, once, in sleep, you cried, “Uphill!”

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