Wellness Month at Proco (3 of 3) | John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff

Wellness Month at Proco (3 of 3)


I promised to tell you why delivering the training in instalments is best. In this short video (11 seconds), you'll find part of the answer:

That's it. Simple as that.

Not very complicated, is it?

But you may be thinking, Gawd, how do we get all that content?

Well, it doesn't really take very long.

1. Record a few films, to warm your people up before I talk to them…
2. Share ideas and challenges so they can deepen the learning afterwards

Using automated emails, web-based text- and video-lessons and / or a private Facebook Group.

I can help you structure it, and even build it entirely.

Ideally, we'd record it all in your offices, as we discussed.

This makes SUCH a difference. Because if you want people to pay attention to what I have to say, they need to have a connection with me.

And that, in a nutshell, is how I work.

I've spoken to audiences of as many as 5,000 people on four continents.

This proposal is based on similar work I have carried out for many other organisations, including but not only:

As well as working with companies I do a lot of broadcasting.

John-Paul Flintoff is the most practical dreamer I know
- Philippa Perry, BBC Television

Book me soon

I can be available from 8 January onwards (given a bit of notice).

As indicated already (at some length, you might think!) I strongly recommend getting much of the content written and recorded in advance.

And my diary is steadily filling up…

My fees


Previously, I have charged £3,000 plus VAT for an hour-long LIVE and interactive talk to 250 people at Accenture.

I've charged £4,000 plus VAT for a day's work filming for Aviva.

These should give you some sense of my fee if you only want me to speak.

Bigger Impact

But I'd rather create more impact by building a contribution to your Wellness Month that is delivered over time, as described.

I usually charge £6,400 plus VAT to write, film and build a sequence like the one I have described here.

That's based on a day rate of £1,600 plus VAT. If I take less time, I will always let you know and charge less.

If you choose to go ahead with the larger proposal, I will throw in the live talk as a free bonus.

As I said at the very beginning, I am happy to discuss any part of this proposal.

I want to make it right for you.