Wellness Month at Proco (contd) | John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff

Wellness Month at Proco (contd)


…you can turn the event into something more like a party or an adventure than a Boring Obligatory Workplace Training Thing (as some diehards may see it otherwise).

But it shouldn't stop there.

The drip-delivery process should continue AFTER the speaking event.

That way, the LIVE event can be high-energy and entertaining.

While deepening the learning can be done by individuals LATER, at their own computer or on their phone, in moments of quieter reflection.

But you already know this, because you have decided to spread the Wellness extravaganza over a whole month, instead of ALL AT ONCE.

After all…

Having somebody come in for an hour or so to deliver a talk simply can't stick in people's minds as well as a more extended process

On the top of the NEXT page, I explain why delivering training over time, by instalments, is so important – and how it can create something much more powerful for the audience.

But don't click yet.

Imagine first that I promised to tell you the secret tomorrow.

And think how that might change your learning experience.

Turning it into something more like a soap opera, where you really WANT to know what's next.

Most corporate training doesn't work like that.

Because most people who deliver it simply fail to be memorable.

At a human level, they don't make an impact.

Mind you, it's not all their fault.

It's because they aren't introduced the right way.

Allow me to introduce myself

For most of my career, I've been a writer and editor on staff at The Sunday Times and The Financial Times.

Some years ago, at my desk, at the FT

But I've also worked as:

  1. bin man
  2. exec PA
  3. poet
  4. taxi driver
  5. tailor
  6. ice cream salesman
  7. baker
  8. hairdresser
  9. assistant undertaker
  10. photographer
  11. high-wire window cleaner
  12. very amateur boxer
  13. rat catcher
  14. theatrical improviser

OK, click through now, and see why I think it's important to drip-feed the content.