Proposal for Wellness Month at Proco | John-Paul Flintoff

John-Paul Flintoff

Proposal for Wellness Month at Proco

Goals of Wellness month at Proco:

Build a culture of mental and physical health

Start a dialogue on wellbeing, work/life balance

What to cover:

· Resilience: copying under pressure
· Work / life balance
· Understanding your values so you can find a sense of purpose instantly


When we first spoke about this, you said you want to get people thinking about a topic that many probably haven't considered much, let alone discussed openly with each other.

A topic that could easily make people awkward.

That's me, in the centre, enjoying working with people feeling awkward

The best way to tackle it would be to combine

  1. lively, informal interaction
  2. opportunities for quiet introspection.

I've learned that it's the contrast that makes content stick in the mind.


You mentioned that you want the Wellness Month to reach teams everywhere, regardless of their location.

Great! I've worked with scattered global teams, using live, in-person talks and pre-recorded content to reach teams as far apart as the US and China.

But I've seen it fail sometimes.

For instance, when overseas teams are gathered around a single screen in a meeting room, to join a live event remotely, it's hard to achieve the FOCUS and ENGAGEMENT that the assorted individuals might have had if they consumed the content at their own desktop computer, or on their phones.

I've learned that group training works best if the learning includes BOTH group work and individuals working alone.

Group work comes in many forms.

1. It can be done in one room, or with people in different places watching the same content all at the same time.
2. People watch the same content at different times, but all leave comments on the same page.
3. Within a closed Facebook group.

Individual work takes many forms too.

I often use online lessons combining video and written content, plus Google Forms or SurveyMonkey – giving individuals a place to submit answers that nobody, apart from me, will ever see.

How to maximise the impact

We can increase the impact enormously if we deliver the content on a drip schedule, over time.

It's just more likely to “stick” that way…

…because if you use pre-recorded content to warm up the audience for the live event…

building anticipation…