John-Paul Flintoff: Welcome to my coaching pages

John-Paul Flintoff

Welcome to my coaching pages


If you are looking for the kind of coach who spent years working in HR, and organisational development…

I wish you well, but you need to look elsewhere.

Same if you’re looking for somebody with a sober suit, and a long corporate pedigree…

… the kind of person who might run expensive training sessions at grand establishments like The Institute of Directors, on Pall Mall:

Don’t get me wrong: I’m sure the IoD is a great place. I remember having a nice lunch there, once.

But it’s not really me.

You see, I’m a bit unusual:

I’m an author, an artist and a performer

But if you think that sounds flaky, you should also know this: I worked for 15 years as a writer and senior editor for The Financial Times, The Sunday Times and The Guardian.

I went one-to-one with some of the most impressive figures of our time: financiers, heads of state, captains of industry.

Here’s one. Recognise him?

You don’t get anywhere near people like him unless the editor trusts you.

I’ll tell you some time who the others were…

And why I was having a lunch at the IoD…

… with one of their members, who I just happened to be coaching.

And that tells you a lot, right there.

But you’re not here today to find out about him.

You are looking for a solution. To a very specific problem.

It’s causing you a lot of worry.

You wouldn’t be reading this page otherwise. You’d have bailed out a while ago.

Well, unless you just felt like snooping. And that’s OK. I do that too.

But I bet there IS something troubling you…

Keeping you awake at night.

And I know how that feels:


I’ve been there myself.

A few years ago, my contract with The Sunday Times was terminated.


At the time, I thought this was a disaster.

Because for years, the only thing I’d done for money was:

  1. Meet people, talk to them
  2. Write a story about it for someone
  3. Collect my cash

No longer!

Newspapers and magazines have been losing readers for years. Keeping people like me on big fat contracts was becoming a bit of a luxury.

So there I was, apparently without any way of earning an income.

For years, I’d had only one customer.

Now I had NONE.

I could try pitching things to other papers and magazines, but they didn’t have much cash either. Much less, probably.

Oh help…

After my daughter had gone to bed, I sat on the floor and bawled my eyes out. I should probably be ashamed of myself. But I’m not.

Luckily, I have a wonderful wife…

What I didn’t fully understand at the time was that every problem is really an opportunity.

If we work together, you’ll hear me say that a lot. You’ve been warned!

I couldn’t see it at the time, because I was scared.

But a few years have passed, now. And I can see very clearly that losing my contract at The Sunday Times was the best thing that could have happened to me.

It allowed me to pursue things I’d always wanted to do, but not dared commit to. Since then:

  1. I’ve written several books, published by proper publishers, in 16 languages worldwide
  2. Talked to audiences of as many as 5,000 people on four continents
  3. Become a theatrical improviser, and put on my own shows
  4. Designed a range of ceramics, and other homeware, now on sale in real shops
  5. Launched several campaigns, both local and global
  6. Learned the secrets of sales and marketing, which made all these possible, and
  7. Blah blah blah, showing off, showing off, etc

Some of this might not have happened if I hadn’t met a woman called Fenella at a books party.

We hit it off…

… and soon afterwards she told me she was training as a coach.

She asked: could she practice on me?

To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure what coaching was. I thought it sounded a bit odd. A bit silly.

I thought I was doing HER a favour.

So I was astonished with the results (see above).

And I decided to train as a coach myself.

Now I find that I’ve done hundreds of hours of coaching with a HUNDREDS of clients.

Including other writers, artists and performers…

… entrepreneurs…

… and quite a few people who wear suits.

I’ve got nothing against suits:

In short: over the course of a very unusual career, I’ve learned a lot.

And I’m devoted to sharing it, with inspiring clients like Hugh, and Chrissy:

“Every time I am stuck or need another perspective this is where I turn. What I love about John-Paul is that he is not solely a coach but someone who achieves so much in other pursuits but, having seen the enormous value of coaching, decided to become one as well. He brings a wealth of real world experience and his listening and questioning skills, perhaps as a result of years as a journalist, are of particular value. I cannot recommend him more highly.” – Hugh, entrepreneur

“JP is outstanding in his approach to coaching, and the outcomes we created through our conversations were breathtaking. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to take the time and invest in the possibly of wonderful learning and life-changing outcomes. 100% brilliant and often entertaining too. Thanks JP!” – Chrissy, creative director and entrepreneur

… and maybe sharing it with you.

The next page describes some of the things I can help with.

Not from a plush suite at the IoD, but from my headquarters, in the top floor of my house. Choose to work with me, and you’ll spy the sloping roofline in videos I share with my clients…

If that’s not acceptable, you remain free to leave.

But if you’re still interested, after this long warning, go ahead…

Download my FREE coaching form, and start changing your life at once.